Provider Telehealth Guide for Drexly

Please Feel Free to Contact Drexly For Your Support Questions. We Are Committed to Resolving Your Issues Quickly.

If you are not able to resolve your issue, not satisfied, or need to accelerate your problem please feel free to email Eric Haden, President of Drexly at
  • Email
  • Call (866) 210-2298.
  • Text – 213-260-0041

DRexly support staff hours are from 9 AM-6 PM EST (Mon-Fri). However, we will do our best to respond at all hours of the day and as soon as possible.

NOTE* This web page is designed to be a supplemental resource for our new users of Drexly Provider Telehealth Platforms.

If you are a practice that is still in the process of evaluating Telehealth platforms you may find some of the video tutorials on this webpage useful to see the system functions being used in real-time.


Of course please feel free to call us directly, email us or send us an SMS Text if you have questions or would like to schedule a live demo.

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How to create a bookmark

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Links to these manuals can be located by going to and scrolling down to the footer section

Training Support/Questions & System Technical Support

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions for providers on using  Drexly Telehealth Platform. Including the patient experience during a Telemedicine visit


How to use Telehealth in my practice - Drexly

Patient Experience Side of Your Virtual Practice

Patient Introduction to Drexly Telehealth

Detailed walk-through of how to set up your Drexly Platform

  • [0:00]Introduction and resources for providers
  • [0:53]Setting up your profile and preferences
  • [3:48]Setting up your Clinic, Visit Options, Patient Landing Page
  • [5:17]Setting up your timezone, directory visibility
  • [8:07]How to send an invite email, SMS text to see the patient immediately
  • [9:26]Using the full functionality of the Clinic Scheduling system with patient and provider reminders over email and SMS text messages 

Detailed walk-through of when patient go to your VSee Clinic

  • [0:003 Drexly Telehealth works on Computer, iPad or Smartphone Device
  • [0:42]Ways that a Patient can be invited to the provider virtual practice
  • [1:30]Patient Login screen and how to be seen as a guest

Provider -Your Virtual Practice

Provider Telehealth Online


coronavirus, virus, patient

Frequently Asked Providers

  • Computer – Windows and Macintosh
  • iPad Devices
  • Google Chromebook
  • Smartphone devices – iPhone & Android

Windows – Windows 7 or higher

Macintosh – OS X 10.11 or later

Web browsers (use the latest version of each)

  • Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Microsoft Edge 
  • Safari (Macintosh)
  • Firefox


Provider Step-by-Step

Provider Messenger Tutorial

Provider Messenger is a very useful tool but is NOT REQUIRED to see your patients

  • For best results, the provider should see their patients on a computer with Provider Messenger open.
  • You need to be logged-into Provider Messenger with your clinic page for your practice.
  • Be sure you’re logged in to your clinic page as well.

Setting up Provider Stripe Account & e-Payment

Notes on Stripe

There is no charge to have a Stripe membership. However, it is required to activate your practice even if you do not collect patient payments through the system. Drexly will not charge your practice Stripe account, nor have the access to be able to do so.

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