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Fully Customizable System For Any Provider Type

HIPAA Compliant Telemedicine

HIPAA Compliant

Eric Haden Drexly

Eric Haden - President

Telehealth primer: How to launch your program quickly
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About DRexly

Striving to Deliver On
The Promise

DRexly Telehealth Solutions is focused on partnering with our providers to integrate telemedicine into their practice. Beyond just delivery telehealth technology we also work with our providers on integration, reimbursement regulations, and understanding the functionality of this evolution of care delivery.

Physician Practice

Our Plans

We offer everything from our introductory platform QuickStart, to advanced individual focused platform DRexly-Plus.  For those larger health groups, systems and those further along in Telehealth DRexly Enterprise can be customized for any delivery of care needs

Virtual Waiting Room

Web-based HIPAA Compliant Telehealth starting at $19.99 a month

Telehealth Scheduling

14-day free trial on Drexly Quick Start and Drexly Plus Plans

DRexly Health Solutions

We Simplify Telehealth

Telehealth is growing by leaps and bounds

Providers are trying to understand how this impacts their practices and their patients YOU ARE NOT ALONE, WE CAN HELP

Video Top 6 Things to look for in a Telehealth Platform

Eric Haden Drexly

Telehealth Market is growing at double-digit pace

More and more patients are looking to be able to take advantage of the convenience for telehealth for minor health issues

If your practice does not offer telehealth as an option your patients will be tempted to go elsewhere for their care

Telehealth On Your Computer Or Favorite App

Drexly Telehealth products function three platform for both provider and patient


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